Accent Reduction – The /th/ Sound

Quite often, individuals who speak Latin-based languages, such as Spanish, may have a bit of difficulty pronouncing the English  /th/ sound. Other than in Castilian Spanish, the /th/ sound is not normally used in Spanish, so the manner of pronouncing it is unfamiliar to most Spanish as first language speakers. What may occur is that the voiceless /th/ as in “thing” and “with” may be pronounced as “ting” and “wit”; the voiced /th/ may be substituted with a /d/ sound making words such as “this” and “that” sound like “dis” and “dat”, and “breathe” sound like “breed”.  The following video may provide some clarity in this issue of /th/ pronunciation.

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Derra Huxley is a California licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in Los Angeles having earned both a B.A. and an M.A. in Communicative Disorders. She specializes in Accent Reduction, having been trained and certified to utilize the nationally acclaimed Compton P-ESL Program through the Institute of Language and Phonology. She has worked with adults with varying degrees of accents from around the globe to improve their pronunciation of English.

Derra Huxley

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